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PBT Works Company


PBT Works s.r.o. is a new name with old history.

We have manufactured our first cleaning machines and simple table top printers already in 1992 as a subsidiary of Swiss commercial company PBT AG Zollikon – PBT Rožnov p.R., s.r.o. Soon, our design and commercial activities grew and in 2000 we founded a sister company of PBT Rožnov named MEAS CZ, s.r.o. which was responsible for machine production. In 2014, both owners of PBT Rožnov decided to split and MEAS CZ got a new name PBT Works s.r.o. This significant step helped us to concentrate more deeply on the subject of our specialization.

The new name shall evoke our research, development and manufacturing activity.




PBT Works Company


Today, PBT Works ranks among the world’s most known manufacturers of cleaning technology for electronic assemblies and tooling. We have our strong design and development team. This is why we keep up with necessary process innovations in microelectronic assembly. Also, we are flexible enough to offer many customizing for our machines.




PBT Works Company


Our second program, design and production of off-line paste printers for SMT application is always active and with more than 2000 installations worldwide we belong amongst the well accepted manufacturers of this technology.




PBT Works Company


Our company currently counts 62 people. We work hard every day to meet the needs of all our customers. Whether it is in the metal work pre-production, parts procurement or assembly, our main concern is keeping the top notch quality in the dynamic growth environment, with instantly coming innovations and customization. We document every part and process through an introduced SPC, so that we are able to provide support to machines and original parts for every customer all around the world for the entire life of the machine.




PBT Works Company


During the 25-year tradition we gained a great deal of practical experience. Therefore, our machines and processes, which often do not conform to the force of habit, became to be widely accepted. We base our design on research, trials and testing of every important detail. Application of most advanced computing and simulation methods in our design and close cooperation with universities and research institutes allows us the capability to solve even the very challenging projects. Our design team converts research ideas into the most up to date equipment.


ISO 14001:2004 & ISO 9001:2008 CERTIFICATION


PBT Works Company


PBT Works meets the international requirements of the standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.




PBT Works Company


Top Rating® by D&B recognizes PBT Works as long-term stable, solvent and trustworthy company with minimal level of risk.




PBT Works Company


A top quality business is built on top quality people. PBT Works is a vibrant, energetic and growing company with the lookout for new talents to strenghten our sales, support, design and production team. We are looking for long term cooperation, responsibility and enthusiasm. We offer challenging employment opportunities with flexible approach and individual reward.




PBT Works Company


1992 - First manual printer and ultrasonic cleaning machine

1995 - Printing machine UNIPRINT with guided squeegee

1996 - First stencil cleaning machine SWASH

1997 - Motorized printing machine MOTOPRINT

1998 - Patented Automatic fast dispensing module for conductive glue

1999 - Motorized printing machine MOTOPRINT with camera guided alignment

2000 - MEAS CZ a sister company of PBT Rožnov p.R., s.r.o. established

2008 - Release of Super SWASH - several patents for details of design

2009 - First generation of STENCILCLEAN SIA

2012 - First vacuum dryer

2014 - Second generation of STENCILCLEAN SIA

2014 - New generation of UNICLEAN with patented immersion spray

2015 - MEAS CZ, s.r.o. renamed to PBT Works s.r.o.

2016 - New generation of SuperSWASH, new cleaning machine MiniSWASH




Our main target is to meet our customers' needs

In order to reach that, we are managing three major important skills:


* Understand principles

* Use principles to build new machine concepts

* Instruct/teach/inform customers as well as learn from customers


* Be global, act local with our worldwide support

* Be a long-term partner to supply not only machines, but also processes and concepts

* Offer a win-win solution


* Natural resources cannot be reproduced – they must be saved

* Long lifetime period of machines saves resources

* Fresh water is valuable – we help to limit its consumption in the process




We are aware, that our activities can have negative influence to the environment. Therefore, we commit to protect the environment and our employees during all activities in our company. Every company member participates to take responsibility on implementing the EMS, according to ISO 14001 and its further development.

Company and employees make this commitment:

• to fulfil all requirements of valid environmental law

• to increase knowledge of environmental protection and gaining of other people to closer cooperation

• to search for possibilities of energy and raw material savings

• to implement economic and preventive measures of waste recycling

• to make effort to prevent environmental accidents

• if such situation occurs, then act according to the rules, which maximally reduce any environmental damage

• to have positive impact on our suppliers in the protection of the environment

• to minimize negative influence of our products and services to the environment, by continuously improving the EMS system

• to put emphasis on prevention of generation of negative impacts on the environment

The real goals were defined for the nearest period in order to fulfil the above mentioned commitments. All company employees are responsible for reaching those targets.




We are aware, that producing of high quality products can be reached only by complete engagement of the entire company and all employees. Satisfaction of our customer needs is a permanent part of our daily job. Quality and delivery on time is for us matter of course. It is a base for next cooperation with our customers, which we respect.


• Quality is in our company at the first place.

• We guarantee it by qualification and active approach of all our employees.

• We realize that quality of all processes in our company is deciding for our future.

Respect to customer

• We deliver our products in required quality and agreed terms

• We keep close relations with all our customers to be able to reflect their needs, requirements and expectations.

Economy and effectiveness, relation to suppliers

• We cooperate with our suppliers as with partners

• We take measures to reduce costs and prevent all forms of inefficiency.


• We appreciate the creative and competent colleagues, which like to increase their knowledge permanently

• We strive to motivate for productive and well-done work.

Policy of quality is summarized under separate document, which is accepted by all employees.

Company management commits to permanent improvement of the quality management system.




PBT Works Company


Strengthening of the competitiveness of the company PBT Works s.r.o. through international exhibitions and fairs.

The company PBT Works Ltd. initiated the physical implementation of the project CZ.01.2.111/0.0/0.0/15_016/0001248 "Strengthening of the competitiveness of the company PBT Works s.r.o. through international exhibitions and trade fairs“.

The project is focused on increasing of the company's growth of motivation, skills and marketing readiness to find new markets outside the Czech Republic (territorial and products), to join them and stay on them. This relates to increased capability of international expansion. The project is also focused on expanding our export competencies and increasing of the competitiveness. These activities will aim to expand production and sales activities.

The operation is receiving financial support of the EU.