Manual maintenance cleaning machine suitable for lower throughput. If you look for low-cost solution to handle your maintenance cleaning FluxCLEAN is the right choice.

Application: Filters​, Pallets, Coolers
Capacity: Small Volume​
Contamination Solubility: Easy to Moderate

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Cleaning Technology

The technology used for the simple maintenance cleaning is Air-Under-Immersion agitation - bubbling which together with water-based alkaline chemistry dissolves contamination. Thanks to three separate chambers it is possible to process up to three items at the same time. 


Dissolving of residues is done with the help of chemistry and Air-Under-Immersion agitation.   



Residues are rinsed by tap water using Air-Under-Immersion agitation. 


Drip-off chamber enables drying with natural airflow. 


FluxCLEAN SD has three individual chambers equipped with stainless steel holders. This cleaning machine is produced in several versions according to the required capacity and can be also customized to customer requirements. 

Usable Bath Space - FluxCLEAN 850

This configuraton is for smaller parts with bath length up to 850 mm.


Usable Bath Space - FluxCLEAN 1200

This configuraton is for bigger parts with bath length up to 1200 mm.

Process Control

The cleaning process can be monitored through transparent sliding doors. 

Visual control

The machine is equipped with transparent sliding doors for monitoring the washed parts. 
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