PCB Cleaning

Cleaning of PCB assemblies after the soldering process significantly improves the reliability of electronics devices. We design our automatic spray-in-air closed-loop zero-drain cleaning machines to clean any size, shape and complexity of electronic circuit boards under fully controlled cleaning conditions. Wide range of flexible tooling accessories allow quick changeovers from high-mix low-volumes to large capacity requirements. Our software provides full process documentation, specific MES and line automation connectivity. 

Parts to Clean
PCBA, DCB, Power Electronics, HDI PCB, BTC based assemblies

Residues to Clean
RMA Flux, No-Clean Flux, Water soluble Flux, Solder Paste, Dust, Fingerprints, Oxidation Layers prior wire bonding, Surface organic residues before coating

Stencil Cleaning

Automated cleaning of SMD Stencils and squeegees significantly improves print quality and reduces risk of mechanical damage of the stencil compared to traditional manual cleaning. Our machines are tested to clean fine pitch stencils in thickness of 1-2 mils (25-50 ųm) ) with apertures 50 ųm and even lower.

Parts to Clean:
Stencils, Screens, Misprints

Residues to Clean: 
Solder Paste, SMT Glue, Adhesives, Dust, Particles

Maintenance Cleaning

Cleaning of soldering pallets and jigs improves the PCBA placement precision for the solder wave or selective soldering machine, reduces cross-contamination by flux and significantly prolongs the lifetime of the pallets. Regular cleaning of condensation traps and filters from SMT ovens maintains their heat transfer functionality leading to reliable soldering process.
Parts to Clean:
Solder Pallets, Condensate Filters, Coating Carriers, PCB Racks, Magazines

Residues to Clean: 
Flux, Dust, Conformal Coating, FOD

Mechanical Cleaning

Precise mechanical part washing according the latest technical cleanliness standards is critical to the function of components, while proper surface treatment improves corrosion resistance or coating quality. Our systems offer complete cleaning process control and documentation including specific MES connectivity. We can design any customized fixture for the proper clamping of the parts to clean inside the machines.
Parts to Clean:
Industrial Metal Parts, Micromechanical Assemblies

Residues to Clean: 
Oil, Dust, Polishing Paste, Coating, FOD, Degreasing, Resist Stripping

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