For customers with preference of traditional dishwasher style machine, CompaCLEAN provides the type of cleaning many are accustomed to while minimising the shadow effect thanks to unique linear tangent spray technology. PCBs are loaded just like plates into a typical kitchen dishwasher.

Application: Standard SMD Assemblies. ​
Capacity: Medium Volume​
Contamination Solubility: Easy to Moderate

CompaCLEAN III play ico

Cleaning Technology

Perfect filtration is required to achieve sufficient cleaning quality and minimal cross-contamination. Every PBT cleaning machine uses independent closed loop with dedicated pump and filtration system for each individual process step.


Parts fixed in an oscillating basket are washed from top and bottom by water based cleaning agent using a system of fixed spray nozzles in a fully closed loop through complete mechanical filtration.

First Rinse

Machine performs first rinse down to low conductivity level using integrated 16L carbon and mixbed filters.

Second Rinse

Machine performs second rinse with high purity deionized water down to the required conductivity. It reclaims water continuously through integrated 16L carbon and mixbed filters.


Machine dries parts by convection hot air oven system.


CompaCLEAN can be easily adjusted for cleaning any size and shape of parts by selecting various clamping solutions for bigger or smaller PCBAs and using a single or double basket setting.

Single Rack

Standard setup for medium sized PCBAs.

Double Rack

Additional capacity can be gained for standard and smaller sized cleaning applications.


Process Control

Cleaning process is sensitive to many variables.

Precise Cleaning 

PCBA cleaning depends on stable and uniform spray pattern as well as accurate rinse quality control.

Uniform Spray

Square pattern of fixed  nozzles and high stroke oscillating rack provide highly repeatable cleaning results for every position of the part to clean in the chamber.

Adaptive Rinse Control

The rinse water conductivity is monitored by PBT Works conductivity sensor. Machine automatically adjust rinse time according to water quality values.

Liquid Pressure Monitoring

The pressure and flow on the spray nozzles are continuously monitored by the control system. Values out of range typically indicates mechanical filter to be exchanged, or nozzles to be reviewed.

Wash concentration control

Water based cleaning agents are mixtures of organic concentrate and deionized water. Optimal chemistry and its concentration is selected by PBT Glass test and confirmed by real PCBA sample test. Then, PBT machines have several options to automatically monitor or/and control concentration of the washing liquid concentration in a real time.​

Zestron EYE

Online real-time concentration measurement system enables precise measurement of the concentration of Zestron cleaning agents in washing loop irrespective of flux loading. The measuring system is fully integrated into the control software. ​


Monitors and analyses washing liquid concentration of most cleaning agent brands in real-time. Calibrated for many Kyzen products as well as others. The measuring system is fully integrated into the control software. ​​

Adaptive Dosing

Total solution for wash loop. Complete concentration and level control of the wash bath. Utilizes ZESTRON® EYE or KYZEN ANALYST™ measuring system and PBT dosing-mixing unit.

Programming and Data Capture

Pefect cleaning result requires detailed programing, quick visual and parametric evaluation of the entire process.​

Intuitive Programming

HMI is PC controlled for easy programming and displaying of all process parameters. Each process step may have up to five sub steps for more precise setting on challenging cleaning tasks. ​

Illuminated Chamber

Programming, monitoring and optimizing the cleaning process are easy due to big glass door and illuminated chamber.​

Process Parameters Traceability

Traceability file contains all set to real process parameters and messages. Handheld 2D/barcode reader can be used for product assignment to the Traceability file and for automatic cleaning program selection.​


Requires usage of basic basket and proper inserts.

Usable Space

Maximal usable space for cleaned parts including specifically selected clamping.

PCBA Separators

Precisely welded easy adjustable separators for basic and upper basket.

PCBA Spring Wires

Special springs for clamping small PCBAs with perfectly balanced grip force. Requires additional frame insert into basic basket.
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