Reliability of Electronics

State-of-the-art electronic is working in places, which even 10 years ago was not possible. They are submitted to harsh conditions and human lives are dependent on its reliable function.
This section covers technical articles and various related case studies.

The common aspect of all this information is the reliability.
According to IPC classification, these are products of the following classes.
Assemblies, which must run reliably in harsh conditions and their malfunction can damage human´s health, or lives are classified as CLASS III acc. to IPC 610 standard (standard for Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies).
Some assemblies are classified as CLASS IIIA. These are used in space or military applications. Some manufacturers of implantable electronics are also working acc. to CLASS IIIA requirements.
But, the reliability must also be built into assemblies, classified as CLASS II (industrial electronics).
Reliability of assemblies can be disturbed by manufactures. Soldered assemblies can suffer from internal stress due to intermetallic layer growth, temperature mismatch, induced stress, fatigue stress from mechanical external forces (vibrations), creep corrosion, deep temperature induced metalographic structural changes , radiation damage and other factors.

We will target electrochemical corrosion and measures to prevent damage through ion migration.

Following articles, hints, information will help you to get the knowledge how to produce reliable assembly, how to qualify and validate changes.


We bring you a series of articles and scientific papers in the field of cleaning electronic assemblies and related topics of electronics.. 
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