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We are developing and producing cleaning systems for the electronics industry. 


Top-end solution for customers looking for both high quality cleaning result and high throughput with focus on data management and automation. This machine can provide maximum data output with minimum human interaction.

Application: High Density & Standard SMD Assemblies​
Capacity: High Volume​
Contamination Solubility: Easy to Hard


Ideal machine for customers looking for the best cleaning results without the need for automation or very high throughput. Best solution for medium to low quantity of complex products that need to be cleaned perfectly.​

Application: High Density SMD Assemblies​
Capacity: Low to Medium Volume​
Contamination Solubility: Easy to Hard


High capacity ​defluxing machine​ ideal for low mix production.​
Best for well matching cleaner and flux combinations.​

Application: Standard PCB Assemblies​
Capacity: High Batch Volume​
Contamination Solubility: Easy to Hard


This machine is a budget solution for anyone who does not expect to clean PCBAs on daily basis. Typically Research and Development centres, prototyping, start-ups and very low volume producers would find this machine sufficient to achieve great results.

Application: Standard SMD Assemblies. ​
Capacity: Small Volume​
Contamination Solubility: Easy to Moderate


For customers with preference of traditional dishwasher style machine, CompaCLEAN provides the type of cleaning many are accustomed to while minimising the shadow effect thanks to unique linear tangent spray technology. PCBs are loaded just like plates into a typical kitchen dishwasher.

Application: Standard SMD Assemblies. ​
Capacity: Medium Volume​
Contamination Solubility: Easy to Moderate


High capacity, durable stencil, squeegee and misprinted PCB cleaning machine. Suitable for larger production facilities. Able to clean 10 stencils per hour.

Application: High Precision SMD Stencils, Wafer Stencils, Squeegees​
Capacity: High Volume​
Contamination Solubility: Hard


Budget machine for small and medium manufacturers. Can handle stencil, squeegee and misprinted PCB cleaning all in one system. Ideal solution for smaller capacity automated cleaning.​
​Application: High Precision SMD Stencils, Squeegees​
Capacity: Medium Volume​
Contamination Solubility: Moderate to Hard


High capacity flexible maintenance cleaning system able to utilise all up-to-date automation technology and MES connection. Handling of numerous or heavy objects can be eased by using the pushcart. Ideal for high throughput.

Application: Pallets, Filters, Magazines​
Capacity: High Volume​
Contamination Solubility: Moderate to Hard


Automatic maintenance cleaning machine. Three step process in one chamber to handle your tools. Heated liquids and air drying ensures much faster and better results compared to manual cleaning. Compact automated cleaning system.​ 

Application: Pallets​
Capacity: Medium Volume​
Contamination Solubility: Easy to Moderate


Manual maintenance cleaning machine suitable for lower throughput. If you look for low-cost solution to handle your maintenance cleaning FluxCLEAN is the right choice.

Application: Filters​, Pallets, Coolers
Capacity: Small Volume​
Contamination Solubility: Easy to Moderate

Cleaning Systems

PBT Works main business focus is a design and production of cleaning systems. PBT cleaning machines are removing any contamination from electronic assemblies and micro-mechanical manufacturing processes. 
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Cleaning Diagnostics

Building an effective cleaning process requires to test and measure. Electronic assembly cleaning technology is a complex process. Several factors must be managed in order to get acceptable results for ionic, organic and particle cleanliness. 
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Diagnostic Toolbox

Cleaning process building and maintenance require to measure many of different parameters. Here you can find the most frequently used test methods and instruments for measuring all around the cleaning process.
We can offer majority of these tests and help our clients to solve cleaning challenges effectivelly. 
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Reliability of Electronics

State-of-the-art electronic is working in places, which even 10 years ago was not possible. They are submitted to harsh conditions and human lives are dependent on its reliable function. This section covers technical articles and various related case studies.
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30 year tradition
30 year tradition
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PBT Guarantee
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About us

PBT Works is a Czech company with its own manufacturing facilities. During 30 years in the business PBT is considered one of the world’s top manufacturers of cleaning machines for electronic assembly and tooling.
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Stencil Printers production

PBT Works other business focus is a design and production of off-line paste printers for SMT application. We produce table top printers, suitable for laboratories, development and small production lines. 
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“The SuperSWASH offers an excellent cost-performance ratio. As we had the opportunity for tests and extensive validation, we were able to find the best cleaning solution, especially for our medicine engineering customers. A very important aspect is the digital monitoring system that enables the precise measurement and control of cleaning bath concentration for electronics.”
Martin Mader, Owner and CEO of Axon Electronics
“We use PBT HyperSWASH standard machines with some special machinery solutions. PBT created a clever automated loading / unloading solution and could fulfill the requirements for our Manufacturing Execution System. All process parameters are monitored by MES and the machine works very reliable.”
Producer of medical implants in Germany
"For many years, PKS has two SuperSWASH cleaning systems in its manufacturing site. Decisive reason for choosing these cleaning systems was its outstanding cleaning performance of complex assemblies and boards. We are cleaning a large number of different assemblies for customers of the medical, automotive and space sector with highest demand in purity."
Peter Koller, CEO of PKS GmbH


PBT Works wins two Global Technology Awards at SMTAI

We are pleased to announce that we have received two 2022 GLOBAL Technology Awards in the categories of Best Product – Europe and Cleaning Equipment for HyperSWASH III.

SMTAI 2022

PBT Works participated in one of the most significant international conferences and expositions in SMT branch in the USA – SMTAI 2022 in Minneapolis.

HyperSWASH – Automation Ready

New concept, further possibilities. HyperSWASH cleaning machine gradually becomes an efficient tool for fully automated production, based on the rules of Industry 4.0. High cleaning efficiency, low energy and material consumption help to follow the industry's actual trends.

Benefits of Spray-in-Air Cleaning Technology

Just as it is important to choose the right cleaning chemistry, it is also important to choose the right technology. So which is the most effective?

Ready for parts2clean

We will be together with Factronix GmbH at parts2clean!
Visit us 11-13 October in Hall 4, stand B51 or contact us for free tickets. 

HyperCLEAN – the new maintenance cleaning system

Meet HyperCLEAN - a high-capacity flexible maintenance cleaning system for high-volume cleaning of large size solder pallets, SMT oven filters and other mechanical parts.

How to select the right cleaning machine? 

Our sales team and internationally renowned team of experts are more than willing to find the right cleaning system for your project and incorporate cleaning into your everyday business. The process starts with you. Clean better!  
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