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PBT Works, s.r.o. - Cleaning & Printing Technology and Machines for Electronic Assembly


PBT Works all cleaning machines
  • Our high performance cleaning machines are designed to remove all unwanted contamination present in electronic manufacturing and micro-mechanic processes
  • Removing post reflow resin and flux soldering residues from PCBAs eliminates eventual corrosion leading to dendrite formations, leakage currents and shorts
  • Defluxing is highly recommended for circuit boards populated by BGA, CSP, LGA, QFN, MELF and other low standoff components
  • Thorough cleaning with optimal wash process significantly improves surface insulation resistance (SIR) - it is a major factor for increasing reliability of electronics running in harsh environment
  • Removing residues before wire bonding and tape bonding, with proper surface passivation greatly improves bond adhesion, assures sufficient results on bond share tests
  • Cleaning before conformal coating assures low surface tension of electronic assemblies and greatly improves coating adhesion and eliminates potential of corrosion under protective layer
  • Automated SMT stencil cleaning reduces risk of mechanical damage of the stencil and is faster compared to traditional manual cleaning
  • Regular cleaning of condensation traps and filters from SMT ovens ensures their error-free heat transfer functionality
  • Cleaning of soldering pallets and jigs removes solder balls and solder splashes, improves the PCBA placement precision in the solder wave or selective solder machine reduces cross-contamination by flux and significantly prolongs the lifetime of pallets


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PBT Works all printing machines
  • Our stand-alone SMT printers are designed to print SMD Solder Paste and SMD Glue on small to medium series of PCBAs
  • They are capable to print pads for all currently used component packages, including small chips - 0201, microBGA, QFN as well as large thermo-transfer central pads
  • Proved by more than thousands of users as affordable, easily operated but accurate stencil printers both for prototyping and small to medium size production
  • Working in every field of SMT Production, operated by many EMS and OEMs, institutes and laboratories
  • Robust design and easy operation assures excellent and repeatable print results even on very complex electronic assemblies
  • Suitable for screenprinting of thermoconductive paste, thick film inks on ceramics, polymer and metal substrates
  • Effectively used also in hybrid substrate technology, power electronics, LED applications, sensor manufacturing and wherever printing of viscous materials is needed


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Think global, act local.

That is why we work with distributors and representatives. We support and provide our colleagues in many countries worldwide not only with technical information about machine details, but also with highly-valued knowledge of the whole cleaning process.
We can help you to choose the optimal cleaning solution and verify it by trials.

We supply spare parts and consumables globally as well as provide service and consulting.

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