Budget machine for small and medium manufacturers. Can handle stencil, squeegee and misprinted PCB cleaning all in one system. Ideal solution for smaller capacity automated cleaning.​
​Application: High Precision SMD Stencils, Squeegees​
Capacity: Medium Volume​
Contamination Solubility: Moderate to Hard
MiniSWASH II play ico

Cleaning Technology

Cleaning of modern stencils requires perfect filtration and proper rinsing. Every PBT cleaning machine uses separated closed loop with dedicated pump and filtration system for each individual process step.


Machine washes parts by rotating spray system with the water based cleaning agent in a fully closed loop through complete mechanical filtration.

First Rinse

Machine performs first rinse down to required conductivity level using external 25L carbon and mixbed filters.


Machine dries parts by rotating hot air knife with partical filtration intake.


MiniSWASH integrated slide-in stencil clamping system can be easily adjusted for any size of the SMD stencil.


MiniSWASH cleans one stencil per batch. Operator inserts stencil directly into machine chamber.

Process Control

Machine controls al the important variables of the cleaning process to deliver stable repeatable results.

Rotating Spray

Rotating spray provides the excellent cleaning results for the stencils. Parallel synchronized rotation provides ballanced stencil load and contributes to the long lasting stencil pretension and surface quality.

Rotating Air Knife

Rotating Air Knife removes droplets and transfers heat directly to the parts, which significantly accelerates drying. Air knife allows to run lower drying temperatures, especially important by sensitive stencil types. 

Intuitive Programming

Machine and HMI are PLC controlled for easy programming and display of all necessary process parameters. Each process step may have up other sub steps for more precise setting on challenging cleaning tasks. ​

Liquid Pressure Monitoring

The pressure on the spray nozzles is continuously monitored by the control system. Values out of range typically indicates mechanical filter to be exchanged, or nozzles to be reviewed.


Adjustable clamping for framed stencils included. Basic frame needed for PCBA clampings.

Usable Space

Maximal usable space for cleaned parts including specifically selected clamping.

Integrated Stencil Clamping

Qickly adjustable from 23" to 29" size. Adaptors for other sizes avaliable on request.

PCBA Horizontal Bars with Springs

Special springs for clamping misprinted PCBAs with perfectly balanced grip force. ​
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