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PBT Works Company A610 training purpose


Training of acceptance criteria for electronic assembly according to ANSI/IPC-A-610 is very much suitable for all workers from assembly, repair, QC, for process engineers, designers, and chiefs of assembly dept., procurement and sales dept. The task of the training is to understand the meaning of the individual acceptance criteria. For that, the student should have at least minimal knowledge of the process. In order to improve such knowledge, we add some basic theory of soldering, explain structure of solder joint, its strain in the assembly life and main factors and factors which have influence on fatigue of solder joint.




PBT Works Company A610 training content


The standard consists of 9 modules, which include the complete topics of acceptance. One training is for maximal 15 persons in the class.

Module 1 (2.5 hrs) - Introduction, IPC, professional policies and procedures

Module 2 (1 hr) - Foreword, Applicable Documents, Handling with assemblies

Module 3 (1.5 hr) - Hardware installation

Module 4 (1 hr) - Soldering

Module 5 (2 hrs) - Terminal connections

Module 6 (3 hrs) - Through hole Technology, Jumper wires for THT

Module 7 (3 hrs) - Surface mount technology, Jumper wires for SMT

Module 8 (2 hrs) - Component damage, PCB failures, other processes for finished PCBA

Module 9 (0.5 hr) - Solderless wire wrap

Complete Classification test from all modules (6 hrs)

The test is done from randomly selected questions by checking one of four possible answers. Each student receives his own combination of questions. Modules 1 and 2 are tested with closed book, all other modules are tested with open book. Students must get over 70% of good answers in all modules, to be qualified to get an official IPC certificate with registration number and 2 year validity.




PBT Works Company A610 schedule and applicvation


Training terms for IPC 610:

February / 24. – 26. 2. 2021

June / 2. – 4. 6. 2021

September / 22. – 24. 9. 2021

November / 24. – 26. 11. 2021

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