May 22, 2023

Electronics in Harsh Environments Conference 2023

SMTA organises next Global Conference - Electronics in Harsh Environments Amsterdam 23-25th May 2023
The conference focuses on building reliable Electronics used in power electronics and harsh environments.
PBT Works will be part of the event, sharing know-how about the necessity of proper cleaning to maximise reliability of PCBs in high-demanding environments. 

PBT’s founder Vladimir Sítko will present the knowledge and more than 30 years’ experience in cleaning technology systems. He is the one who not only shares but still works on development and improvement of PBT Works machines to offer the best solution on global market, as the reliable electronic devices are simply a must-have in certain fields. 

Mr. Sitko teamed up with Magnalytix and together built another kind of test board capable of being optical inspected and tested on the surface resistance. The purpose of this Glass Test Board is to show the benefits of using it to determine or enhance the cleaning process as well as the possibility to reduce the cost of building the process. Glass Test Boards can help to optimize processes, both no-clean and cleaning itself without scrapping parts and boards. 

Mr. Sitko’s both presentations will cover the above mentioned and more. 

On Tueday 23, from 15.30 - Cleaning Process Simulation by Glass Test Boards
On Wednesday 24th, from 16.00 - Design for Cleaning: How Can the Designer Help to Make Cleaning Assemblies Easier

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