July 20, 2022

HyperCLEAN – the new maintenance cleaning system

At Productronica we introduced a new machine type - HyperCLEAN.
HyperCLEAN is a high-capacity flexible maintenance cleaning system that is compatible with all of the latest automation technology and MES connections. Ideal for high throughput, handling of numerous or heavy objects is now easier using the included pushcart. HyperCLEAN is ideal for high-volume cleaning of large size solder pallets, SMT oven filters and other mechanical parts.
HyperCLEAN  – the new maintenance cleaning system
Spray system
We built the spray kinematic with stationary nozzles and an oscillating basket with a long stroke based on detailed research and development. The advantage is a very uniform spray field, especially needed for PCBA cleaning. For some maintenance cleaning tasks is the spray system different, enabling to omit the oscillation, thus increasing the practical chamber volume to 700x700x950mm. This configuration may be especially profitable for large productions using soldering pallets or cleaning big radiators from reflow ovens.
Spray manifolds are easy to exchange. This feature may be useful for solving different particular tasks, either for electronics or machine parts cleaning.

Drying system
It is common to know that the drying cycle takes a lot of process time and energy at the large chamber machines. We hope we have made a change to this statement. The new machine is equipped with a heat recovery system, fully integrated into the airflow system, and a newly developed special fan with an integrated heater. This design substantially increased energy utilization.

Automation possibility
The basic configuration in maintenance and PCBA cleaning tasks has a manual loading/ unloading of the goods onto the particular cart. A fully automated version of that system, enabling cooperation with the robot due to the automated door of the machine, or complete automation, adds automated loading/unloading of the goods to the machine.

Machine control system
This platform uses a PLC controlled with MMI based on an industrial PC system. Such a configuration brings robustness together with no limitation for process data capture and communication with factory servers. Part of the system is our standard interface for data communication which can be modified upon customer requirements for data format and communication.
In PBT Works, we believe that the HyperCLEAN has become an efficient tool for solving maintenance and a suitable solution for high capacity processes in its version for assembly cleaning.
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