January 27, 2022

HyperSWASH – Automation Ready

In November 2017, we introduced a new cleaning system HyperSWASH. The intention was to offer a platform for customers who produce highly reliable assemblies of different designs. Therefore, high flexibility is the main advantage of this model. Now we have taken it even further and in 2021 we have implemented automation into the machine. New concept, further possibilities.
HyperSWASH – Automation Ready
Currently, we offer four standard nozzle manifold configurations. TWINGO covers a wide assortment of needs – cleaning the most challenging assemblies with the biggest BGA and QFN, with the gap under component less than 10ųm. COMBO I, II, and III nozzle manifold configuration is designed for higher capacity cleaning of various PCBA sizes. Without using tools, the machine can be re-configured directly on the shop floor with unskilled maintenance people in less than 10 minutes.
Several customer installations proved that the machine concept was positively accepted. At the same time, the industry showed a need for further automation of the process. The trend is to get an autonomous cleaning system, which can work totally without an operator.

During 2021, we have developed a fully automatic reloading system. It consists of automated door and an automatic handling system that takes PCBs straight from the handling cart and loads it into the machine. After the end of the process, it reloads the assemblies back into the handling cart.
HyperSWASH is now ready to cooperate with a handling robot or cobot. Automatic reloading is especially suitable for interconnection of the assembly line with the cleaning process and further with the post processing line (coating, bonding, and casting). PCBs are loaded into special (cleanable) magazines on the standard line unloader. The magazines are transferred by the robot into the cleaning machine and taken from the machine to the loader of the following line.
The same handling concept and system are now implemented into a new platform – HyperCLEAN cleaning machine, which should work even for higher cleaning capacity and larger magazines.
The other part of the automation concept is data communication with the production server. HyperSWASH has a standard connector to external data transfer, modified to the specific customer data format and communication protocols.
This cleaning machine gradually becomes an efficient tool for fully automated production, based on the rules of Industry 4.0. High cleaning efficiency, low energy and material consumption help follow the industry's actual trends.

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