September 8, 2022

PBT Works at E-22 in Denmark

We exhibited at Denmarks largest electronics trade fair E-22 on August 30-September 1!
We had the opportunity to show our current most flexible cleaning machine HyperSWASH. 

HyperSWASH is basically two cleaning machines in one - with two flexible interchangeable setups: COMBO baskets for expanded capacity and TWINGO for large and complex boards in two frames.
Handling of this system is simple and safe. PCBAs are reloaded on the pushcart while the machine is cleaning another batch.​ This eliminates downtime and provides a comfortable time for easy reload. Cleaning quality is also met. Linear spray technology uniformly covers all cleaned areas followed by a linear air knife for rapid but thorough drying. No corner stays uncleaned or wet. Other benefits also include stable cleaning results, simple maintenance, general compactness and low running cost. 

Thanks to our Danish partner smartTec Nordic A/S for all their support!
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