November 8, 2022

SMTAI 2022

During the last week PBT Works participated in one of the most significant international conferences and expositions in SMT branch in the USA – SMTAI 2022 in Minneapolis.
The conference topics were soldering, printing, virtual reality in electronics, testing and cleaning, electrochemical migration, and corrosion.
PBT Works introduced a study on the influence of non-ionic residues in rinsing electronic assemblies on the final surface insulation resistance, presented by Vladimir Sitko. Using the newly developed Organic Carbon Sensor (OCS), we can now better measure rinsing water quality (besides the conductivity). OCS monitors the lifetime of active carbon filters. Also, in the wash loop, the OCS gives online information on the saturation of the cleaner.
Part of the conference also included the award ceremony for Global Technology Awards where our cleaning system HyperSWASH received two prizes in the categories of Best Product – Europe and Cleaning Equipment. These awards significantly represent our continuous effort to innovate cleaning technology.

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